Kim's Chandelier

Whoa! What the heck is this?!

The second I looked at it I felt like someone had twisted by brain with a corkscrew. As the chandelier spun slowly in air, my heart jumped for joy. My psyche was pushed, teetering at the edge of the deep end.

The source of my confusion, a stuffed toy chandelier: Dolls Chandelier.

Yes, it's simple. Things are as they seem: a chandelier and stuffed toys.

Who on earth thought of this combination? And then there's the visual impact of this strange assortment of discombobulated objects. You begin to wonder if this is its natural form, or?

Who, how and with what is this being made? Various wild ideas pop to mind, only to fade away and be replace by others...

My curiosity must be satisfied. Down the rabbit hole we go.