A clock in your house

Strangely, I imagined the world of Mitsubai and "art", particularly painting, to be of slightly different breeds.

Personally speaking, I am not one to decorate my walls with paintings. Paintings which are also always too expensive to afford.

Of course I want to live in a world filled with things I like, but for some reason paintings were not one of them.

Recently I had the opportunity to speak with someone vastly knowledgeable of the art world, an editor in fact. That person studied art and said, "I think of art and painting as a natural extension of what you like. Art isn't for the 'privileged'. I'm sure a young gal in Shibuya could find something perfect for her walls. In the end it comes down to: do you like it or not? It's the same for Mitsubai Tokyo, right?"

Right on.

However, we aren't going to turn Mitsubai into a gallery selling paintings. This time I'd like to introduce a picture with a "realistic clock in background".