About Mitsubai Tokyo

What is Mitsubai Tokyo?

"Mitsubai Tokyo" is, a place with one-of-a-kind, hard to find, impossible to purchase items, all arranged so you can enjoy discovering them privately in our online shop.

"I want to find something special..." When what you desire is clear, finding it is easy. Doing a keyword search for what you're looking for, comparing various similar products, and choosing the one best suited to your needs is simple. But did you find something you really wanted? Is what you're seeking something which can move you, an object with an identity of its own? Where on earth should you look to find such a thing?

That's where we come in. Each of the items we've found has a unique identity of its own. Moving hearts with the special nature of our items, that's the kind of select shop we strive to run.

"I didn't know this actually existed?!" "The craftsmanship is amazing!" "So easy to use! Beautiful and useful!" "I was curious how to purchase this, but finally now I know!" "Definitely unique in the world!" and so on...

We want you to know the feeling of pleasure in uncovering such exciting, unique items. Today, now, while you're browsing even if you don't find an item which fits your fancy, we hope you come back to visit knowing "someday I'll find it here", that is the select shop we try to be. The kind you only want to tell an intimate friend about.

It is with that thought in mind we made "Mitsubai Tokyo".

Mitsubai, by the way, is made of the characters "Mitsu", or secret, and "Bai" to buy. Think of it as your secret find, or Mitsubai.

We search and introduce items which have moved us personally in the hope one of them will connect with your heart like Cupid's arrow. We are starting at a slow pace, and ask you to kindly watch over us.


Mitsubai Tokyo is run by the following team:

Managing CompanyHighRide, K.K.
Editing & ProductionYasuda Yohei, Tanaka Yoshiki
ProgrammingTakahashi Terutomo
TranslationAlexander Reeder

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