Shopping Guide

Order Flow

1. Choose an item
From the top page select the item of your interest. Be sure to check on the details of the item, and make your decision about purchasing.

2. Order
From each item page an email is sent to us about your order. Be sure to read the terms of usage and that your information is correct. After ordering, an auto-confirmation message will be sent.

Be careful, if your email address is incorrect the confirmation message will not arrive. Also, if the form is incomplete we may not be able to fulfill your order.

For estimated arrival date please check the "availability" listed on each item's page. If you have a date in mind tell us about it in the message box of the order form.

If your order will be late due to stocking issues from duplicate orders, or a delay in production we will let you know in the "Order Confirmation Message".

We do not accept orders via phone or fax.

3. Order Confirmation
Within three days of the order auto-confirmation message the person in charge of your item will send you an Order Confirmation Message. In the Order Confirmation Message we will supply details on our stock and an estimate arrival date. Please read it carefully.

While we respond as quickly as possible, due to holidays, the time required to check our stock, and if necessary, checking with the creator, it may take up to three business days.

If you still have not received an Order Confirmation Message please contact us via the Inquires page.

4. Receipt
We will do our best to get the item in your hands by the date specified in the Order Confirmation Message.

* In the case of made-to-order, work will begin after confirmation of receipt of funds.

* In some cases orders will be sent directly from the creator.


At Mitsubai Tokyo each item has its own payment method, please check the details page for your item.


We determine the shipping depending on the item. Please check the Shipping section of the item you are interested in.

Please keep in mind shipping costs are on a per item basis, even in the case of multiple orders.

Return / Exchange

Items which can be returned / exchanged
If the following two conditions are met, we will accept returns and exchanges:

  • the item is obviously defective
  • You contact us via the Inquiry form within three days of the item's arrival (In the case there is not an available replacement we will give you store credit of the purchase amount)

Items which cannot be returned / exchanged
In the following cases we are unable to accept returns or exchanges:

  • items whose details explicitly state returns are not accepted
  • items which have been used or washed
  • items which have been damaged, dirtied, or scratched by the customer
  • items ordered by mistake, are not what you expected, etc.

In Addition

If anything is unclear about shopping please contact us through the Inquiry Form.