Delicate yet ferocious

Sharp white and toxic black.

Kagari Yuusuke has created two bags which possess the qualities of yin and yang. The bags seem to have been endowed with a story, the yin possessing light, the yang's fine black of endless depth.

Each bag is completely handmade by the designer, ensuring consistent quality. The material of the bags is even more poetic than the designer imagined, seemingly creating an aura around those going out with one in hand. The essence of the bag is "an atmosphere you carry" according to the designer, who ties his creation to notions of bags deep in our collective psyche.

The bag has a superior quality which cannot be explained merely through functionality. I will introduce Wall and Skin in the following article, both of which maintain their fine and fierce qualities only by ridding themselves of the unnecessary.

Item Numbertk006205
Item Name

Wall (white) M / Wall (white) L
Skin (black) Shoulder / Skin (black) Tote


Wall (white) M: 38,000 yen
Wall (white) L: 56,000 yen
Skin (black) Shoulder: 33,000 yen
Skin (black) Tote: 42,000 yen


Wall (white) M/L: 20 each
Skin (black) Shoulder/Tote: no limit


Wall (white) M:
H35cm x W28cm x D12cm handle 70cm
Wall (white) L:
H42cm x W36cm x D16cm handle 70cm
Skin (black) Shoulder:
H27cm x W30cm x D8cm handle 90cm
Skin (black) Tote:
H35cm x W38cm x D16cm handle 35cm
Skin (black) sizes:
depending on the strength of the treatment the size will vary slightly


Leather (cowhide)

Payment Methods



Shipping costs will be emailed after order (all items ship from Japan)

Time to delivery

2 months


Returns are not accepted.
Colors may differ slightly from photos.
The white paint on Wall will gradually peel over time.
Maintenance is provided on request.