Kim's Chandelier

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Dolls Chandelier
Books Chandelier
Cans Chandelier


Dolls Chandelier:81,900 yen
Books Chandelier:291,900 yen
Cans Chandelier:291,900 yen


Dolls Chandelier is made to order
Books and Cans Chandelier is limited to 1 each


Dolls Chandelier:
W450mm x D450mm x H450mm
Books Chandelier:
W500mm x D500mm x H500mm
Cans Chandelier:
W500mm x D500mm x H600mm


Dolls Chandelier: dolls, wire, vinyl tape, string
Books Chandelier: books, candles, steel pipe, vinyl tape
Cans Chandelier: empty cans, bike spokes, crystal, man-made flowers

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Shipping costs will be emailed after order (all items ship from Japan)

Time to delivery

Four weeks


Returns are not accepted.
Colors may differ slightly from photos.
The Dolls Chandelier will be made on receipt of your order.


Yikes! My mind is reeling

What would happen if you went home one day, just like every other day, and turned on the lights in your living room to see this chandelier?

Dogs, cats, birds and little girls, THAT flying brown cat, mice, THAT big hero, the world's favorite duck, this and that familiar face from TV... even trolls. Who is responsible for this?!

Is it a counterattack from the kingdom of children? A rebel army? The trick of a child gone guerilla? Maybe a new bird which gathers dolls to make a nest like crows do with hangers? Perhaps its the home of a huge bagworm?

The moment you look at it, these wild ideas pop to mind. (well, maybe its just me...)

It has a character its own, beyond the simple clustering of stuffed toys. The inanimate come to life while you gaze, at least it seems that way.

I bet you're all bit curious. What type of person would conceive of this idea? Child or adult? How are the chandeliers made? See? Your mind has already started to run off!


Whoa! The Dolls Chandelier.


Books Chandelier: if you look carefully, it answers.


The Swarovski crystals of the Cans Chandelier glitters.


This and that are great

The creator of these treats is none other than artist Kim Song he.

From Kim's work I'd like to start with these three items.

I became a huge fan after seeing the Dolls Chandelier. It's as if the dolls were hidden away in some box in a child's playroom closet and suddenly jumped out to dance in glee. They're lost in play - until, "Ah, someone's coming!" My imagination knows no bounds...

I was captivated from the first look.

Then there's the pile of reading material which became Books Chandelier. When you tap the chandelier it drifts, offering a different, somewhat gothic look. While inspecting it closely as it moves the book titles came into view and I couldn't help but laugh.

Even better is the junky, yet sparkling Cans Chandelier. The chandelier was made for H.P. France's window gallery in collaboration with Swarovski.

Underneath gorgeous crystals which hang from a bike wheel are white painted cans, THAT duck, a dog and a mouse.

The piece has Kim written all over it.

Cans and Books Chandelier are existing pieces, while Dolls Chandelier is made to order. The chandelier is made to your desired size, and she is definitely open to ideas besides stuffed toys, cans and books. If you have a special request, please contact her here!


Hijacking the H.P. France window gallery!


There are Swarovski's glittering here too.


The Bike and Stuffed Toy

Gorgeous, cute, with a sense of humor and a black streak is a good way to describe Kim's work.

Makes you curious about what kind of person she is, doesn't it?

Kim apparently goes out late, late at night to party with stuff toys, or can be found at home playing with them. That is a joke (I think), Kim's everyday keywords seem to be stuffed toys and bikes (sorry if I'm wrong Kim).

In the case of the chandelier and other pieces, Kim does most of the work herself. She gathers, traveling east and west to find everything she needs. Her mode of transportation is a bicycle. The other day we ran into each other while on our bikes.

It's a surprise, or maybe expected, that Kim doesn't plan each piece, but gathers all the stuffed toys and dolls she can find, and then is able to picture exactly how each one is meant to fit together.

Then she dives in.

The final outcome isn't a random mess, but has a story and meaning between the parts expressed in a way unique to Kim. That's why she's able to make these amazing chandeliers.


Preparing for the limited duration shop at Laforet Harajuku.


Under construction! Those shoes are cute too...


Kim's lost in her world. Cute, isn't she?


What about Ms. Kim?!

he started studying as a fashion designer at Oda Design School. Being a successful seamstress requires meticulous, sometimes extremely repetitive work which Kim decided wasn't for her.

Then Kim started making chandeliers. She started with the Dolls Chandelier one day after realizing that one didn't exist - but should. A simple idea. Well, not something the average person would think of...

With her first chandelier, out of nowhere, a large offer came from LOVELESS... and then Hong Kong!

I don't think such luck comes to average people like you and I, but for Kim it seems normal, almost expected. It's the same with how she makes her work: no plan, but everything comes together in a good way.

I doubt Kim thinks about her work as art, or really cares much about "art" in general. She just works innocently, dedicated. But that's the reason why, I suppose, that her work turns out the amazing way it does.

I feel Kim is a true artist.

Check out Kim's web page, it's cute and great fun!
> Kim Song he


Troll Chandelier [Jan Lindenberger] This is also great!


This has the air of a delicate maiden.


Christmas! X'mas Tree [Jerry Thomas]


Is this what the inside of Kim's head looks like?